Our nation's wounded warriors face challenges every day; emotionally, physically, financially, and more. Their family members and caretakers face constant stress too. Vacations for Warriors is committed to providing an opportunity for our heroes and their families to enjoy a brief respite from the challenges of their daily lives by offering them a vacation experience of a lifetime and an opportunity to reconnect.

The Vacations

Since 2014, Vacations for Warriors has sent Wounded Warriors on "once in a lifetime" dream vacations to a variety of destinations such as Hawai'i, Disney, cruises, and the Caribbean.  Travel, lodging, activities, and even spending money are included; our Warriors pay nothing.  On their vacations, Veterans and their families have participated in a variety of activities which build confidence in their abilities, including skydiving, zip lining, deep sea fishing, snuba diving, riding ATVs, and surfing. Warriors and their families get the pleasure of simply enjoying each other, reconnecting, and recharging.

Vacation Recipients

Vacations for Warriors works closely with medical transition units, military chaplains, and a network of military supporters to evaluate and select Veterans to receive a vacation.  The recipient must have served honorably and their injuries sustained during military service.  

Get Involved

There are a variety of ways to you can help create these incredible vacations for our Wounded Warriors and their families.  Of course cash donations are vital, but donations of airline miles, hotel points, timeshares or other travel and lodging resources are also extremely valuable.

Contact Us

For more information about Vacations for Warriors, contact us through the link below, or you may contact our President and Founder, Bob DeMonbrun, directly: bobdemonbrun@gmail.com, (720) 373-0479.