In 2018, Vacations for Warriors sent 7 wounded Veterans on dream vacations.  

Army Ranger SSG Nicholas Kruthoff

Staff Sergeant Nicholas Kruthoff of Henderson, NV is a former Army Ranger.  He did two tours in Iraq, in 2003 and again in 2005.  In 2005 he was severely injured by an IED.  The blast hit him in the face making him blind in one eye, and he also has PTSD. For his heroism that day he received the Bronze Star and a Purple Heart.  His younger brother, Paul took his life as a result of his service related PTSD in 2016.


Nick, his wife Katarzyna, and two daughters Ella and Emma will be vacationing in Hawaii in 2018.​

Army Green Beret SSG Jerry Cortinas

Staff Sergeant Jerry Cortinas served as a Green Beret in the US Army Special Forces for six years and for three years prior was with the 25th Infantry Division.  He was injured while deployed with his Special Forces Group in Afghanistan in December 2002. As a result of an explosion, his left hand was amputated above the wrist and his right arm and hand have minimal function.  His face was severely injured, he suffered a traumatic brain injury to the back of his head and has PTSD.    

Jerry and his wife Celina are thrilled to be able to take their two daughters to Hawaii for a two week vacation during the Summer of 2018 .​

Air Force MSG Angela Biggs-Morales

Angela is a combat medic in the United States Air Force.  She was injured in Afghanistan during a complex attack on August 28, 2011.  She suffered three severe brain injuries and had to have facial reconstructive surgery due to shrapnel wounds from an IED/suicide bomber.


Angela works with the Air Force Wounded Warrior Program and was involved in the development of the Air Force Invisible Wounds Policy Initiative. She continues her rehabilitation at Walter Reed Hospital and works at the Department of Health and Human Services as an Operation Warfighter Intern.  Angela is married and has a young daughter.

It is with great pride that Angela will be the first female warrior to receive a dream vacation to Hawaii in the summer of 2018.

Army Ranger SGT Josh Hargis

Army Ranger Josh Hargis served four deployments to Afghanistan between January 2011, and October 2013, in support of Operation Enduring Freedom as part of the 75th Ranger Regiment.  During his last deployment, while pursuing an individual evading capture, an Improvised Explosive Device was exploded that instantaneously amputated both of his legs.

Josh, his wife Taylor, and their two young sons will be vacationing in Ireland and Scotland in Summer, 2018.

See local news coverage of Josh here.

Army SGT  Ryan Major

Ryan Major was a Sergeant in the US Army and was wounded, losing both legs, in Afghanistan in 2006.  He is an avid athlete having competed in many different sports during the 2016 and 2017 Invictus and Warrior Games.

Ryan will be visiting Hawaii in Spring of 2018 with his mother and brothers.

Air Force MSGT Joseph Deslauriers

MSgt Deslauriers joined the Air Force in 1998 and trained in Explosive Ordnance Disposal.  Joseph deployed around world including Iraq and three tours in Afghanistan.    While in Afghanistan he suffered injuries related to an IED explosion.  Both legs and his left forearm were amputated, and he has a traumatic brain injury and PTSD.  Among his many awards are the Bronze Star and Purple Heart.


Joseph, his wife Lisa, and their children Cameron and Kennedy will travel to Hawaii in 2018. 

Marine SGT Mike Nicholson

Sgt Mike Nicholson joined the Marines 

Injured in a bomb explosion along an Afghanistan roadway July 6, 2011, Nicholson lost his right leg at the hip, his left leg through the knee and his left arm below the elbow and suffered a traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder.


Mike, his wife Katie, and their children traveled to Montana in 2018. 


We have begun approving vacations for 2019.  To read more about the wounded veterans who will be going on a vacation click here